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Exp/SP: x3
Adena: x3

Spoil: Retail
Drop: Retail

Manor: Retail

Weight Limit: Retail
Quest Drop: Retail
Quest Reward: Retail
Raid Boss Drop: Retail
Epic RB Jewel Drop: Retail
Safe Enchant: Retail
Max Enchant: Retail
Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: Retail
Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: Retail

Innitial items. First and Second class transfer Rewards


Treasure Chest

Basic npc Buffer

Buff slots: 32+4+12

Nevit's Advent Blessing

Recommendation System

Auto Loot | Box Limit 9

Sub-Class: (Quest Required)

Craft/Store Offline: .offline

All instanceand quests retail

Auto Skills learn (All in one click)

Shop until s76, all Shots in shop (Mysterious Shots, Miscs)

Normal Buffs 3 hour | Song ,Dance and Etc 3 hour
1º Free, 2º Free, 3º (10kk Adena, 1kk Ancient Adena, 5 Blue Eva)

All monster drop Blue Eva and Mana Potion, low chance


Event in progress: Character Collector

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